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Up to £25,000 in financial support

  • • Included with Premium membership

  • • Lump sum payments for broken bones, disablement and death

  • • Cover for overnight hospital stays

  • • Cover for physio, medical expenses and more

Been in an incident?

Personal accident insurance - how does it work?

Life can sometimes take a sudden turn, so it's comforting to know that financial support is available if a cycling accident leaves you injured.  We’ve enhanced our personal accident insurance to include cover for broken bones, physiotherapy, counselling, dentistry, event fees and gadget cover. See below for more details.

Permanent Total Disablement

Up to £25,000

Cover for when you are no longer able to work at the role you are trained, qualified or experienced to do, following bodily injury.

Loss of Limb

Up to £25,000

Cover as a result of permanent physical severance or permanent total loss of use of a limb.


Up to £10,000

Cover for bodily injury following an accident which is the sole and independent cause of death.

Funeral Expenses

Up to £10,000

Cover for funeral costs and expenses.

Broken Bones

Up to £500

Cover for broken bones including arm, leg, clavicle, scapula, spine, and skull as a result of bodily injury following an accident.


£25 per each overnight stay

Cover for bodily injury following an incident which results in hospital admission.

Physiotherapy or Osteopathy Treatment

Up to £500

Cover for bodily injury as a result of accident that requires physio or osteopathy treatment.

Dental Expenses

Up to £2,500

Cover, following an accident that requires emergency dental work.

Optical Expenses

Up to £2,500

Cover for optical expenses as a result of bodily injury.

Gadget Cover

Up to £250

Cover for detachable and/or wearable electronic equipment if it is damaged as a result of an accident where you suffer an injury.

Return to Home

Up to £50

Cover for the cost of a taxi or public transport if you are injured or your bike is damaged to the extent that you can’t continue to ride.

Event Fees

Up to £100

Reimbursement for a pre-booked event which has already been paid for and is non-refundable, if you can no longer participate due to bodily injury as a result of an accident


Up to £250 per week up to a maximum of £5,000

Cover for telephone counselling, face to face counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy following bodily injury or if you have witnessed an injury.

Please note this is a list of the main policy benefits and is not exhaustive.  

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    Premium Member

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    £80 per year

    equivalent of £6.67 a month


    • Personal accident cover including physio, dentistry and gadgets

    • Enhanced discounts such as 40% off TrainingPeaks subscription

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